Michigan Hemingway Society

Since 1990, focusing on the Michigan influence in Ernest Hemingway's work,
especially the Nick Adams Stories.
The society holds an annual Hemingway Weekend in Petoskey, MI
each Fall which features speakers, readings, exhibits, and tours
of northern Michigan sites where the Nobel Prize-winning author
spent his boyhood years

Thirty One Years of
Michigan Conferences

2022    "Hemingway and the Odawa Indians" with Keynote speaker Frank Ettawageshik,
             President of the Association on American Indian Affairs

2021   "2021 Conference Cancelled" Rescheduled for 2022

2019    Hemingway and "My Michigan in 1961" with keynote speaker Dr H. R. (Stoney) Stoneback

2018    "Hemingway and WWI" with keynote speaker Dr Verna Kale

2017    "Hemingway: The End of Youth" with keynote speaker Steve Paul

2016    "1919: The Beginning of Something" with keynote speaker Dr Don Daiker

2015    "Sense of Place" with keynote speaker Nancy Sindelar

2014    "Hemingway and Supporting Cast" with featured author John Cohassey and
             keynote speaker Valerie Hemingway

2013    "Raising A Glass With Hemingway" with keynote speaker Philip Greene

2012    "Hemingway Up In Michigan" 15th international Hemingway Society Conference
             Hosted by the Michigan Hemingway Society Conference Recap,
             Conference Program, Post-Conference UP Tour

2011    Hemingway’s Waters: Exploring the Depths

2010    Hemingway and Food with "Dining at Hemingway's Table"
             by Valerie Hemingway

2009    Hemingway and Art

2008    Hemingway and Friends

2007    Up North with the Hemingways

2006    Lovely Walloona: Hemingway and Nature

2005    Hemingway in Film

2004    Hemingway’s Women

2003    Hemingway on the Road

2002    Hemingway and Fishing

2001    Hemingway and the Native Americans

2000    Summer People

1999 (October)    "Best of All He Loved the Fall”, with Kalkasks area stories
            ("The Light of the World" and "The Battler") by Jack Jobst followed by
            a trip to the Kalkaska museum and Rugg Pond, "Remembering Ernest
            Hemingway" by James Plath with Irene Gordon as special guest and
            "Michigan as Muse" by Ann Marie Oomen.

1999 (July)    Hemingway's Centennial Birthday Celebration "Michigan in
             Hemingway: A Sense of Place", with "Why We Celebrate Hemingway"
             by Joe Waldmeir, a panel of Michigan writers Tom Carney, Mike Delp,
             Jerry Dennis, Judith Guest and Gloria Whelan

1998    Torrents of Spring

1997    Hemingway and Native Americans

1996    Hemingway and Women with Linda Patterson-Miller

1995    Hemingway Weekend; First general membership meeting/vote.
            “How I Learned to Write Like Hemingway” by Paul Smith
            (delivered by Joe Waldmeir), "Pere et Fils and Papa's Paris"
            by Joe Waldmeir and "EH in Cuba" by Fred Svoboda

1994    The Michigan Hemingway Society: A Weekend in Petoskey,
             with William Henderson("The Price of Fame")

1993    The Michigan Hemingway Society formally begins to organize
             (October 23rd)

1992    Hemingway: Up in Petoskey [Hemingway Weekend sponsored
             by the Perry Hotel]

1991    Hemingway: Up in Michigan, organized by Joe Waldmeir, Ken Marek
             and Fred Svoboda with a roundtable discussion by Mike Reynolds
             and Linda Wagner, moderated by Fred Svoboda.

1983   Up In Michigan sponsored by The Ernest Hemingway Foundation
             and Society, Traverse City, Michigan, Oct. 20-22,
             Joseph Waldmeir, Conference Chair; Kenneth Marek, Co-Chair.
             Organized by: Joe Waldmeir, Fred Svoboda and Robert Martin.
             Michigan Series Papers by: E. R. Hagemann, Bickford Sylvester,
                          Larry Grimes, Lawrence H. Martin, Howard L. Hannum,
                          Bruce R. Stark, Frederic Svoboda, Scott Donaldson,
                          Karianne H. Knowlton and James Hinkle.
             General Series Papers by: Robert E. Gajdusek, William E. Cote,
                          Frank Kersnowski, James Seaton, Kim Moreland,
                          Robert M. Hogge, Patrick W. Shaw, Susan Beegel,
                          James Brasch, Douglas E. LaPrade and Joseph Waldmeir.
             Session Moderators:William Shaw, John Pahl, Clyde Dornbush,
                          Allen Josephs, Jack Jobst, Erik Nakjavani, J. F. Kobler,
                          Robert Lewis, Stephen Schuber and Linda Wagner.

             Compiled by Magdalene and Arthur Wagner
and The Michigan Hemingway Society Board of Directors