Michigan Hemingway Society

Since 1990, focusing on the Michigan influence in Ernest Hemingway's work,
especially the Nick Adams Stories.
The society holds an annual Hemingway Weekend in Petoskey, MI
each Fall which features speakers, readings, exhibits, and tours
of northern Michigan sites where the Nobel Prize-winning author
spent his boyhood summers.


List of English Language Media
Begun 2005 & Updated January 2021
With Sporadic Annotations by the Compiler, Arthur Wagner
Prepared for the Michigan Hemingway Society

The United States is ostensibly a country without an aristocracy. However, the public has treated motion picture artists as celebrities, in a sense, virtual aristocrats. Other celebrities were fashioned among famous authors, politicians, and occasional oddballs. Ernest Hemingway became a celebrated personage, an image he encouraged. It was only fitting that he was mingled with movie stars, thus enhancing his place among luminaries in the public eye.

By the time of this update in 2021, motion pictures and audio recordings have undergone several evolutions. They have evolved from film to video cassette, to digital disc, to digital downloads, and to streaming. Those interested in obtaining copies of any of the following should verify the current availability of these programs in a medium suitable to their particular equipment and needs. Amazingly, more old motion pictures are available now than ever before. Unfortunately, others remain unavailable.

The number of films and television programs related to Ernest Hemingway is enormous and grows by the day, with several new ones in production at any given time. Please note any new titles that you may find and send them by email to the Michigan Hemingway Society via its web site. We appreciate your contributions.

  • Ernest Hemingway Reads. Caedmon Audio; 45 min.; recorded 1948-1961. Remastered 1992. Harper Collins. c1968, 1998. Includes: Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech; Second Poem to Mary; In Harry’s Bar in Venice; The Fifth Column; Work in Progress; Saturday Night at the Whorehouse in Billings, Montana. 
  • Ernest Hemingway Audiobook Library, The.  Audiobook, MP3 Audio, Unabridged. Simon & Schuster Audio. About 133 hours. November 20, 2012 | ISBN-10: 1442359447 | ISBN-13: 978-1442359444 |. Complete collection of Ernest Hemingway’s works. Various celebrity readers; interview with Patrick Hemingway.  [Paul Hendrickson review in the New York Times ]
  • 5 Classic Ernest Hemingway Radio Plays. Old Time Radio Broadcasts on DVD. 4:26. “This unique old time radio DVD collectible features 5 digitized reels of classic Ernest Hemingway plays. Quality Information Publishers.
  • American Writers II: Hemingway. 2002. 3:30. Mariel Hemingway and A. E. Hotchner host interviews, calls from viewers, archival audio and film, on location. Book TV. CSPAN.
  • Hemingway: An American Icon. 1999. Book TV (CSPAN). Michael Reynolds interview.
  • Hemingway and the Natural World. 1997. Birthday Lecture at Oak Park by Bedford Sylvester. Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park.
  • Hemingway and Writing About War. 2004. Book TV (CSPAN). Sean Hemingway, editor of a book on the topic, and panel at JFK Library.
  • Hemingway Centennial Lectures at Oak Park. 1999.  5 videos. Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park. 1) Beegel; 2) Reynolds; 3) Nagel; 4) Patrick Hemingway; 5) Panel.
  • Hemingway in the Autumn: Ernest Hemingway in Idaho. 1999. 51 min. Susan Beegel, Mike Reynolds, Jack Hemingway, Tillie Arnold, and others. Ketchum: Centennial Entertainment.
  • Hemingway vs. Fitzgerald: The Rise and Fall of a Literary Friendship. 2000. Book TV (CSPAN). Scott Donaldson discusses his book.
  • Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen. 2002/2013. [AKA Cooper & Hemingway: A 20 Year Friendship].   Documentary.  2 hours 18 min. “Examines the bond between two of the most iconic artists of the 20th century. These two artists were the best of friends, right up to their deaths a mere seven weeks apart in 1961.”  Director John Mulholland.  Ernest HemingwayGary CooperCharlton Heston depicted.
  • Death of Hemingway. 1965 Ketchum, ID..
  • Discovering Havana: In the Footsteps of Hemingway. [A Look at Havana, Cuba: Ernest Hemingway’s Favorite Playground] 2005. Documentary. Dir. Jacques Vichet. Kultur (www.kultur.com ). Widescreen. 53 min.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Grace Under Pressure.  1986. Documentary film.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Life in Michigan. 1:00. 2007. Joint production of Central Michigan University (WCMU-TV) and the Michigan Hemingway Society.  Scholars and Hemingway family (Ken Marek, Jack Jobst, James Sanford, Frederick Svoboda, Mike Federspiel, etc.) visit and comment on Northwest Michigan settings for the Nick Adams stories and the places where the author spent portions of his young years.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Profiles.  1999. Bravo  TV. 1:00. Biographical material and interview about In Love and War.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea. 2005.  PBS.  1:30. Emphasis on writing career; readings from Hemingway’s works; archival footage; interviews with Spanier, Patrick Hemingway, Valerie Hemingway and others. DirectorDewitt Sage.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Rough Diamond. 1978. Phoenix Learning Group.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Wrestling with Life. 1999. Second A & E TV biography. Mariel Hemingway narrates; interviews with sons and others; archival footage. 1:40.
  • Extraordinary Women: Martha Gellhorn. 2011. 55 minutes. Made for TV. Documentary. Dir. Sarah Jobling; BBC/WMR Prod.  Life, journalism, war correspondence, interviews (including Martha and Caroline Moorehead, biographer). WGBH/PBS.
  • Famous Authors - Ernest Hemingway. 2006. 30 min. Documentary.
  • Hemingway. 1987; 1994. TV documentaries.
  • Hemingway[AKA Stacy Keach as Hemingway]. 1988. TV mini-series: 5 hours. 2001. Based on Collected Letters and the Baker biography, filmed on location.
  • Hemingway. 2021 “Three-part, six-hour documentary film that examines the work and the turbulent life of Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest and most influential writers America has ever produced. Interweaving his eventful biography, a life lived at the ultimately treacherous nexus of art, fame, and celebrity, with carefully selected excerpts from his luminous short stories, novels, and non-fiction, we will see beyond the façade of the public man, becoming intimately familiar with this brilliant, ambitious, charismatic, and egocentric genius. Directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, written by Geoffrey C. Ward, and produced by Sarah Botstein, Lynn Novick, and Ken Burns. Voice Actors Include Jeff Daniels as Hemingway; Meryl Streep, Keri Russell, Mary Louise Parker, and Patricia Clarkson as Hemingway’s four wives.
  •     "Hemingway" Premieres April 5-7, 2021 on PBS    Official Trailer    On Writing     Hemingway - The Myth     Behind the Scenes    Press Release  
  • Hemingway and Gellhorn.  2012. 2:35. HBO.  Nicole Kidman; Clive Owen; dir. Philip Kaufman.  [Loosely based on book by Jerome Tucille (Baltimore: Winkler, 2011).]  Focus on Ernest’s 3rd marriage; Gellhorn outlives him.
  • Hemingway Home in Piggott, Ark. 2000. HGTV. Restoration of Pauline’s home and conversion into a museum.
  • Hemingway in Cuba. Television documentary. Prod. Hilary Hemingway. WGCU, Florida Gulf Coast University, 2004.
  • Hemingway in Michigan. 1999. Little Traverse Historical Museum volunteers walk through Hemingway sites in Petoskey and environs.
  • Hemingway in the Autumn.  1999. 53 min. “A video memoir of Ernest Hemingway's sporting life and tragic death in the high country of Idaho. Hemingway's hunting friends and his son, Jack, share their stories and opinions of the great writer and reveal how bright days afield brought out the best in him. This award winning biography is hosted by Carolyn Holley with additional commentary from Hemingway scholars, Dr. Mike Reynolds and Dr. Susan Beegel.” David Butterfield, Director. 
  • Hemingway: Mysteries and Scandals. 1999. E! TV. 1 hour. Despite Susan Beegel interview, superficial and sensationalized biography of Ernest Hemingway. Emphasis on scandal.
  • Hemingway Unknown. 52 min 2012. Documentary.  “Ernest Hemingway is an almost mythical figure. In addition to being an author, he is a literary work himself. Much of his life has been an eternal holiday, minutely documented and continues to be a source of inspiration.” Directors Renzo Carbonera  & Nicola Pittarello
  • Hemingway vs. Callaghan. 2003. CBC TV. Morley Callaghan’s memoir, My Summer in Paris, adapted for television. 4 hours.
  • Hemingway, the Hunter of Death. 2001. Adventure drama. Albert Finney plays Hemingway. Story of  a scientific safari in 1950s Kenya.
  • Hemingway: Winner Take Nothing. [AKA Winner Take Nothing]. 1998. 86 min. Margaux Hemingway and her father Jack retrace her grandfather’s travels in Europe [completed before her death in 1996]. MPI Media.
  • Hemingway’s Cuba. 2005. Mariel Hemingway visits her grandfather’s former haunts in Cuba. 50 min. Food TV.
  • Hemingway’s Ghost. 48 min. 2000. Dir. Travis Hawkins.
  • Hemingway’s Key West. 1999. Book TV (CSPAN). A. E. Hotchner describes the town as part of CSPAN’s centennial homage to Hemingway.
  • Historic Homes of Key West: Hemingway. 2004. HGTV. Broadcast April 11, 2004.
  • In the Footsteps of Hemingway: A Guy Harvey Expedition.  28 min 2019 . Documentary. “Expedition to Cuba as Dr. Guy Harvey and his daughter, Jessica, follow in the footsteps of legendary author Ernest Hemingway. They'll take you to places in Hemingway's backyard to find pristine waters, beautiful sharks, even friendly crocodiles. Guy dives into Cuba's beautiful waters….”  Director George C. Schellenger.
  • In Love and War. 1996. 1:53. Purportedly an adaptation based on letters between Ernest and Agnes Kurowsky. Sandra Bullock. Dir. Richard Attenborough.
  • Intimate Portrait: Mariel Hemingway. 1998. TV. 43 min. Mariel’s career and family history, including grandfather, Ernest.
  • Into the Fire. 2002/2007.  58 minutes. Documentary. Women in the Spanish Civil War, including Martha Gellhorn.
  • Legendary Life of Ernest Hemingway, The. 1998/2006. Dramatized biography. Originally 3:40 hours; this edition cut to 1:40. Dir. Jose Maria Sanchez. Starring Victor Garber and Karen Black. Filmed in Spain.
  • Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure. [AKA Hemingway Adventure.] 1999. TV. Palin retraces Hemingway’s travels to various locations, beginning in Illinois and Michigan. 4 hours.
  • No Job for a Woman: The Women Who Fought to Report WWII.  2011. 61 minutes.  Historical documentary, the lives and work of wire service reporter Ruth Cowan, magazine reporter Martha Gellhorn, and war photographer Dickey Chapelle.  Dir. Michèle Midori Fillion.
  • Papa. 1987.  1:44. 2016. The award winning stage play (1987?) on film about the life and loves of Ernest Hemingway as he tells his adventures on the last day of his life. Starring Jordan Rhodes.
  • Papa Hemingway. 30 min. 1999. Book TV (CSPAN). A. E. Hotchner discusses his acquaintance with Ernest Hemingway.
  • Papa Hemingway in Cuba2015. 1: 49. In 1959, an aspiring writer travels to Havana to meet his idol Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway mentors the young man in deep-sea fishing, drinking, and finding his literary voice. Director Bob Yari.
  • Papa, The Man, The Myth, The Legend.  1:44. 2018. July 2, 1961, the last day of Ernest Hemingway's life. Told in flashback, Papa presents the triumphs and tragedies of Hemingway's life. From the battlefields of World War One, to the Paris cafes of the 1920s, the Spain of Civil War and bullfights, Sloppy Joe's in Key West Florida, France during World War II, Portrayed by Jordan Rhodes
  • Papa's Place: A Look at Cuba Now. [AKA Hemingway in Cuba].1999. TV. 1:30. CBS Sunday Morning observed the centennial.
  • Reporting America at War. 2003. PBS TV. Historic footage; Hemingway, Gellhorn (interview).
  • Running from Crazy. Documentary. 2014. 1:42; Mariel Hemingway re: family mental health issues. Director: Barbara Kopple.
  • “Trout Hemingway.” 12 min. Dec. 27, 2005. Taste of America with Mark DeCarlo. Travel Channel TV. Photos of Hemingway in Michigan, his recipe for trout, fly fishing on the Au Sable, Lewiston, Michigan.
  • Words, The. 2012. 1:37.  Dir. Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal. Bradley Cooper; Dennis Quaid; Zoe Saldana; Jeremy Irons. Inspired by lost briefcase episode. Drafted by another, unnamed author, it is found, published by a struggling writer, who claims credit. The original author reappears. References to Ernest (Paris plaque, etc.). Plot and narrator twists.
  • Young Hemingway: The Path to Paris. 1:00. 2021. Local production with stunning views of Northwest Michigan and comments by international and local scholars, authors, and Hemingway family.  George Colburn, Contemporary Learning Systems.


  • Buena Vista Social Club. 1999. 105 min. Old-time Cuban jazz musicians rediscovered. They are acclaimed without a single mention of Ernest Hemingway. On location in Cuba and New York.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald. 1987. A & E biography. One hour.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald. 1997. Second A & E biography of Fitzgerald. Interviews with Garrison Keillor and scholars. One hour.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: Mysteries and Scandals. 2000. E! TV. Sensationalized decline of Fitzgerald.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: Winter Dreams. 1:30. 2001. PBS TV biography by Dewitt Sage.
  • Forgotten Island, The: Cuba. 1999. 156 minutes. Three documentary programs: “Cuba’s Conquistadores” [mobsters and revolutionaries], “Return to Havana” [cultural history, music and dance], “Hemingway’s Cuba” [Hollywood stars before the revolution].  Archival footage, interviews, Cuban music. Richmond Hill, Ontario: BFS Entertainment & Multimedia.
  • France Is Free: They Filmed the War in Color. 95 min. 2006. Hemingway in some footage shot during liberation.
  • Giada’s Italian Holiday. 2005. Visit to Harry’s Bar in Venice and other locations. 50 min. Food TV.
  • Gift of the Game. 2003. Novelist and baseball stars (including former Detroit Tiger Jon Warden) restart the youth baseball league in Cuba, initiated by Ernest Hemingway. 56 min. Netflix: “Many years ago, Ernest Hemingway founded a children's baseball league in Cuba. Now, acclaimed novelist Randy Wayne White embarks on a trip to find and revive the program. Former big league pitchers Bill Lee and Jon Warden join the expedition to share their expertise and help teach eager new ballplayers. Along the way, the group learns about Hemingway, Cuban-American relations and the unifying power of sports.  Documentary. Sports Documentaries. Baseball. Social & Cultural Documentaries."
  • Kilimanjaro: A Naked Planet Special. 1 hour. 2004. TV. Legends and geography of the literarily famous mountain.
  • Lost Generation, The. 1987. Stage production.
  • Lost Generation, The. 2:00.  2001. TV. A & E Biography Special. American literary figures/expatriates 1920s Paris.
  • Northern Spain & the Camino de Santiago: Rick Steves Europe. 25m in. 2010. Aired 2011. PBS. Travel. Pamplona--Hemingway monument & effect on city’s festival attendance; pilgrimages to Santiago. Dir. Rick Steves.
  • Nature: Superfish. 2008. 50 minutes. Part of the PBS Nature series. Documentary begins with Hemingway’s fascination with marlin fishing and OMATS. Traces the decline of billfish in South American waters as a result of excessive harvests of baitfish.   Information: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/superfish/ 
  • Ojibwa of Michigan. 32 min. Ojibwa/Chippewa of Northern Michigan and Wisconsin: history and culture. Instructional documentary. NA except in libraries.
  • Paris the Luminous Years. 120 min. 2010. PBS. Documentary of the avant garde in the Hemingway milieu. Dir. Perry Miller Adato.
  • Paris Was a Woman. 75 min. 1997. Documentary. Women artists and authors of the “Lost Generation” in early 20th century Paris. Dir. Greta Schiller. New York: Zeitgeist.


  • Any Human Heart. 4:30. 2011. BBC/PBS Masterpiece Theater. Dir. Michael Samuels. Adaptation of the novel by William Boyd. Writer and art dealer Logan Mountstuart against a background of early 20th century Europe. Hemingway character figures in episodes 1 & 2.
  • Hello, Hemingway. [Hola! Hemingway] 84 min. 1990. Cuba. Spanish; English subtitles. Laura De la Uz; dir. Fernando Perez. 1956 Cuba, charming but poor young girl lives near Hemingway’s home and aspires to study in the U.S. Inspired by OMATS. Many scenes of the Finca and a few of “Ernest.” Background setting is the beginning of the anti-Batista movements. Added features on DVD: short films and newsreels about Ernest Hemingway: an excellent view of past and present Hemingway’s places in Cuba and an interview with Fuentes (:30); a propaganda piece of Castro’s “winning” the fishing tournament (:15); a 1963 documentary of Hemingway’s career with a pro-Castro spin but footage of the Finca before any conservation was done and additional rare archival footage including several scenes with audio from Ernest (:20).
  • Midnight in Paris. 1:34. 2011. Dir. Woody Allen. Owen Wilson, Kathy Bates. An author travels in time to 1920s with the Fitzgeralds and meets Hemingway and assorted luminaries of 1920s Paris.
  • The Moderns. 2:06. 1988. A gruff Hemingway character appears in this story of a painter of forgeries (Keith Carradine) in 1926 Paris.  Orion. MGM Home Entertainment, 2002.
  • Waiting for the Moon. 1:41. 1987. Historical fiction. Three months in the lives of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, while hosting Ernest Hemingway and others. Bruce McGill plays Ernest, Linda Bassett is Gertrude, and Linda Hunt is Alice.  Chicago: Facets, 2006.
  • Wings of Fame. 1:49. 1990. Colin Firth and Peter O’Toole. Assassin and political victim find themselves on an island after they die. Celebrities stay there until their fame on earth dissipates. Hemingway is a perennial resident and spends most of his time shooting into the sky.
  • Wrestling Ernest Hemingway. 1993. Robert Duvall (retired Cuban barber) and Richard Harris as old coots try to impress each other; one claims to have once wrestled Ernest Hemingway and won—but Ernest never appears in the film.


Short Stories

  • Adventures of a Young Man [AKA  Ernest Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man and Hemingway's Adventures  of A Young Man] [Also in The Hemingway Classics Collection (The Sun Also Rises / A Farewell to Arms / The Snows of Kilimanjaro / Under My Skin / Adventures of a Young Man. See below.] 2:25. 1962.  Remastered 2007. An immature young man from Middle America grows to manhood after a cross-country journey and his military service in World War I. Selected Nick Adams stories woven into a single narrative.  Richard Beymer; Arthur Kennedy; dir. Martin Ritt. Adaptation by A. E. Hotchner. 
  • After the Storm. 2002. Made for TV. Adaptation by A. E. Hotchner. Script is available in print.
  • Battler, The . 60 min. 1956/2006. Originally aired in the TV series Playwrights ’56. B&W. Paul Newman.
  • Best of Friends. [“Three Day Blow”]. 1987. Made for TV.
  • Clean, Well-Lighted Place, A. 2002. Adaptation.
  • Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants.” 18 min. 2003. Faithful depiction of the story. Los Angeles: Steven Brabson. [Withdrawn from circulation; dispute over rights.]
  • Fifty Grand. 1952, 1958. Television dramatization.
  • Gambler, the Nun and the Radio, The. 1959. Television dramatization.
  • God Rest You Merry, Gentleman. 2005. Short film.
  • Hills Like White Elephants. 38 min. 2002. Directed by Paige Cameron.
  • Indian Camp. 14 min. 1990. Indian Camp Production.
  • Killers, The. 1959. Television dramatization.
  • Killers, The. [AKA Ernest Hemingway’s The Killers.] Criterion Collection. (2 disc set)
  • The Killers (1946) [AKA Man Alone]. The opening is faithful to the original story. “This 1946 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's short story adds well over an hour of new material to the original tale. The reason is, while director Robert Siodmak, star Burt Lancaster, and an outstanding supporting cast are faithful to Hemingway's work, his story only takes up about 15 minutes of screen time. Burt Lancaster plays the doomed man sought by hired guns in a small town. Hemingway's bruisingly concise dialogue makes an early sequence set in a diner quite unnerving, but after the killers dispense with their prey, Siodmak turns to an insurance investigator (Edmond O'Brien) who looks into the reasons behind the murder. An exemplary film noir (complete with a fickle femme fatale played by Ava Gardner), The Killers is all mood and fatalism.”
  • The Killers (1964) “The 1964 remake [of sorts] by Don Siegel builds another whole world around Hemingway's narrow, if intense, premise. The two assassins of Siegel's film (Clu Gulager, Lee Marvin) go in search of their intended victim--a teacher (John Cassavetes) at a school for the blind--and find that he not only recognizes his fate when they show up, but seems entirely resigned to it. Curiosity leads the killers to seek out the party who hired them and discover why Cassavetes's character didn't run or fight. Soon the facts tumble into place--the dead man had once been a top-drawer racer who fell for a glamorous woman (Angie Dickinson), the latter gradually pulling him into the orbit of a criminal villain (a convincingly evil Ronald Reagan)--and the film becomes increasingly dark and dangerous. Originally shot for television but rejected for its violence, Siegel's film is a blistering experience of swimming against the currents of fate for one's survival--and losing. --Tom Keogh[quotes from Amazon.com] . Not faithful to the original.
  • The Killers(1956).   94 min. Russian student film version directed by Andrei Tarnovsky.
  • Killers, The. (2013) 38 min 2015. A film adaption of Hemingway's short story of the same name. Director Alex Chikov.
  • Macomber Affair, The.[AKA Great White Hunter].[“The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber”]. . 89 min. 1947. Robert Preston; Joan Bennett; dir. Zoltan Korda
  • Man With the Orange Head, The. 2017. [“The Killers”] “A regular night in a Japanese restaurant in the middle of nowhere takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of two gangsters looking for a man known as the Swede. The killers take the clients hostage and start to systematically expose their prejudices and hypocrisies through physical and psychological abuse while they wait for their target to arrive.  Based on Ernest Hemingway's Short Story.” Starring: Adriano Süto Vimerson Cavanillas Ary Toledo , et al. Directed by: Elvis delBagno
  • My Old Man. 1950. NA.
  • My Old Man. 1979. Made for TV. “Based on a short story by Ernest Hemingway, ‘My Old Man’ is a touching story of family and forgiveness about a young teenager (Kristy McNichol, ‘Empty Nest’) reunited with her downtrodden horse-trainer father (Warren Oates) after fourteen years.”
  • Short Happy Life, A. [“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber.”] 1961. Stage production.
  • Snows of Kilimanjaro, The. 1:57. 1952. Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Susan Hayward. Director: Henry King.  Remastered  2007.
  • Snows of Kilimanjaro, The. 1959. TV.
  • Soldier’s Home. 41 min. 1977. Made for TV: American Short Story series, PBS. Henry Fonda introduces. Color.
  • Soldier’s Home. 1988. 1:30.  [With Bernice Bobs Her Hair-Fitzgerald]. Coronet/MTI.
  • Soldier's Home. 43 min. 2006. “Harold Krebs (Richard Backus) went off to fight World War I, the war to end all wars. Then he came home and found himself wishing it had never ended. To Ernest Hemingway (Pulitzer Prize Winner), the hardest part of the war was coming home. This is the essence of Soldier's Home -a story with many similarities to the recent experience of our veterans.” Director Robert Young.
  • Under My Skin[“My Old Man”]. 86 min. 1950. Remastered 2007.  John Garfield. Dir. Jean Negulesco.
  • Women and Men: Stories of Seduction. 90 min. 1990/2007. “Hills Like White Elephants” with Melanie Griffith and James Wood. Also “The Man in the Brooks Brothers Suit” (McCarthy), “Mara” (Henry Miller), “Dusk Before Fireworks” (Fitzgerald) and two other stories . HBO.
  • World of Nick Adams, The. 1957. Made for TV. A. E. Hotchner adaptation.  NA.


  • Breaking Point, The. [To Have and Have Not] 1:37. 1950/2017.  John Garfield; Patricia Neal; dir. Michael Curtiz. “Michael Curtiz brings a master skipper’s hand to the helm of this thriller, Hollywood's second crack at Ernest Hemingway’s ‘To Have and Have Not.’ John Garfield stars as Harry Morgan, an honest charter-boat captain who, facing hard times, takes on dangerous cargo to save his boat, support his family, and preserve his dignity. Left in the lurch by a freeloading passenger, Harry starts to entertain the criminal propositions of a sleazy lawyer (Wallace Ford), as well as the playful come-ons of a cheeky blonde (Patricia Neal), making a series of compromises that stretch his morality and his marriage farther than he’ll admit. Hewing closer to Hemingway's novel than Howard Hawks’s Bogart-Bacall vehicle, The Breaking Point charts a course through daylight noir and working-class tragedy, guided by Curtiz's effortless visual fluency and a stoic, career-capping performance from Garfield.”
  • Climax![AKA Climax Mystery Theater.]  Episode entitled “A Farewell to Arms.” 1954 TV series.
  • Farewell to Arms, A. 1966. Made for TV.
  • Farewell to Arms, A. 152 min. 1957/2007. Rock  Hudson; Jennifer Jones; dir. Charles Vidor.
  • Farewell to Arms, A. 1932.  Gary Cooper; Helen Hayes; dir. Frank Borsage.    1999 DVD version by Image Entertainment (with UCLA and Turner Classic Movies) restores 9 minutes cut by MPAA censors in 1930s.  Almost all other video and TV versions lack the original opening and closing, as well as a childbirth scene. In addition, since most of the original film prints were lost, such copies suffered from poor picture and sound quality.  Remastered 2011.
  • Farewell to Arms, A. Radio productions: 1938, 1942, 1948, 1949, 1950. Stage play: 1930. Television dramatization: 1955.
  • Fighter Attack.1953. 80 min. Sterling Hayden, J. Carrol Naish, Joy Page.  Dir. Lesley Selander. A downed American pilot helps Italian partisans blow up a Nazi tunnel; similar to For Whom the Bell Tolls.
  • Force of Arms. 1951. 99 min. William Holden, Nancy Olson.  Dir. Michael Curtiz.  A Farewell to Arms moved up to World War II; wounded soldier falls in love before returning to the front. Writing credited to Richard Tragaskis, instead of Hemingway. 
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls. 2:30. 1943. Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Dir. Sam Wood.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls. 45 min. 4 episodes. 1965. Made for TV. UK.  John Ronane. Ann Bell, Glynn Edwards. BW.  
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls. Radio productions: 1949, 1959.
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls. 1941. Cartoon.
  • For Whom the Bulls Toil. 1953. Cartoon. Disney. 6 min. On a trip to Mexico, Goofy encounters bulls on the road and subdues them. In a collection: Walt Disney Treasures - The Complete Goofy.
  • Girls! Girls! Girls[ To Have and Have Not]. 1962. Elvis Presley (Really!). Adaptation as a musical.
  • Gun Runners. [AKA Gunrunners].  [To Have and Have Not]. 1958. Audie Murphy; Eddie Albert; dir. Don Siegel. 83 min.
  • Hemingway’s Garden of Eden. 97 min. 2008/2011. Mena Suvari (Catherine Bourne), Jack Huston (David Bourne), Caterina Murino (Marita); directed by John Irvin.
  • Islands in the Stream. 104 min.1977. Remastered 2005. George C. Scott. Dir. Franklin Schaffner. Outstanding performance by Scott. Excerpts from the novel mingled with excerpts from other works. Set in Bimini and Cuba but filmed in Hawaii.
  • Last Flight, The. 1931. 76 min. Richard Barthelmess, Johnny Mack Brown, Helen Chandler.  Dir. William Dieterle. NA. Four wounded aviators in Paris after the war fall in love with one woman; similar to The Sun Also Rises but not credited to Hemingway.
  • Old Man and the Sea, The. 87 min.1958. Spencer Tracy; dir. John Sturges. The Hollywood film Hemingway was most involved in the production of—but unsuccessfully and unhappily. He said, “No picture with a f***ing rubber fish ever made a dime!”
  • Old Man and the Sea, The. 1:33. 1990. Made for TV. Anthony Quinn. Much more effective than the Spencer Tracy version.
  • Old Man and the Sea, The. 48 minutes. Animated, originally made for Imax theaters; Academy Award for animation. Visually creative. Features “Making of . . .” and “Hemingway—A Portrait.” Alexander Petrov, director/animator. Pascal Blaise, 1999/2004.
  • Rampage. 98 min. 1963. Jack Hawkins, Elsa Martinelli, Robert Mitchum. Dir. Phil Karlson.  Romantic triangle among wild game hunters; “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” in Malaysia instead of Africa.
  • Sun Also Rises, The. 129 min. 1957.  Remastered 2007. Tyrone Power; Ava Gardner; Mel Ferrer; dir. Henry King. In a collection 20th Century Fox Studio Classics 75 Years, with A Farewell to Arms (1957)Les Miserables (1935/1952),  Anna Karenina (1948).
  • Sun Also Rises, The. 1984. Made for TV. Hart Bochner; Jane Seymour; Robert Carradine; dir. James Goldstone. 240 min.
  • To Have and Have Not. 1944. 100 minutes. [AKA Ernest Hemingway’s To Have and Have Not.] Humphrey Bogart; Lauren Bacall. Screenwriters: Jules Furthman and William Faulkner. Dir. Howard Hawks. DVD features Lux Radio Production and “Making of. . . .”  The setting is moved to World War II Martinique. Warner Entertainment, 2003.
  • To Have and Have Not. 1946: radio production. 1957: TV.

Novels & Short Stories

  • Ernest Hemingway Film Collection, The.  [AKA The Hemingway Classics Collection (The Sun Also Rises / A Farewell to Arms / The Snows of Kilimanjaro / Under My Skin / Adventures of a Young Man]   1950-1962. Restored/remastered 2007. 20th Century Fox. Set of 5 DVDs. May be available in other media/streaming. Commentaries/features.  A Farewell to Arms;, Hemingway’s Adventures of a Young Man; The Snows of Kilimanjaro; The Sun Also Rises; Under My Skin. Color and b/w. Some widescreen. Titles available individually.


  • Fifth Column, The. Published 1938. 1959-1960: TV adaptation by A. E. Hotchner, produced for CBS, Buick Electra Theater. Staged in New York, 1930, 1940 [ran 2½ months in 1940]. Hotchner adaptation staged 1990 in St. Louis.


  • Spanish Earth, The. 1937.  [AKA This Spanish Earth]. English narration written and delivered by Hemingway. Archibald Macleish and Lillian Hellman wrote the scenario. Propaganda documentary for the Loyalist side in the Spanish Civil War. 54 minutes. Director: Joris Ivens. One DVD version [Slingshot Entertainment, 2000] also contains Ivens’s 1938 film of the Chinese battle against invading Japanese, The 400 Million. This disc includes the Orson Welles narration for The Spanish Earth.
  • Spain in Flames. 1936 [?]. Hemingway contributed to this film documentary/propaganda piece about the civil war.


  • Sea, The. 1958.


  • Circle of Honor 2002-2003. TV. Archival footage of Ernest in episode #1.3: “Ernest Hemmingway" [sic]. Biography and Filmography on IMDb
  • Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood No. 3. 1942. Guest appearance.
  • Kid Stays in the Picture, The. 2002. Archival footage of Hemingway and other celebrities. Solipsistic quasi-memoir by director Robert Evans. Many detractors, some enthusiastic supporters.
  • Life and Times. 1996/2000/2003. Archival footage in episode: "Yousuf Karsh: A Moment in Time."  CBC TV. Interviews with the photographer of the best-known portrait of Ernest (in the turtleneck for the Life cover).


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