Michigan Hemingway Society

2012 Post-Conference Tour - June 23, 2012

“HEMINGWAY up in the UP"


Important information for participants:

1. The bus will depart from Bay View’s Voorhies Auditorium at 9:00 AM on Saturday June 23. Arrive early for check in, please.

2. Dress for the weather. Wear closed toe shoes and a hat.

3. Bring with you a full water bottle, camera, rain gear, money to buy souvenirs and to purchase a snack for the return trip. Insect repellent, sunscreen and hand sanitizer are optional.

4. Do not bring gum, liquid in open containers, or anything else that could create a mess on the bus. We will be billed for extra cleaning!

5. Remember once we reach Seney that we do not have permission to trespass on the railroad or bridge. Please keep off!

6. Our lunch arrangements will require that those who eat first vacate their seats as soon as possible to allow others to sit down. Weather permitting, some people may want to eat out of doors.

7. You will be served a meat pasty unless you specifically requested a vegetarian diet, in which case lunch will be a salad.

8. We plan to visit Upper Tahquamenon Falls. Be aware that the stair case leading to the bottom of the falls is only for the most physically fit individuals. Restrooms, souvenir and concession stands are available at the Upper Falls.

9. Please be on time to board the bus at each stop as our schedule will be very tight. According to the bus company contract in case of severe weather the driver may alter our route for our safety.

10. We plan to return to Bay View Voorhies Auditorium around 7:30 PM.

Michigan Hemingway Society Bus Tour
"HEMINGWAY up in the UP"

The Michigan Hemingway Society will conduct a post-conference bus tour to Hemingway related sites in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on Saturday, June 23rd. Join us as we drive north across the Straits of Mackinac then west along US Highway 2, paralleling the route that Ernest and Otto "Toby" Bruce followed westward in 1947, the last time Ernest was in Petoskey. This route with choice photo opportunities will skirt the white sand dunes of Lake Michigan. Along the way our guides will discuss the places we pass through, their history and industries, the landforms, the wildlife, and the vegetation.

Turning north at Blaney Park, our coach will pause at the Wigwams of the Seney National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge, one of the most pristine havens in Michigan, is comprised of 95,212 acres of wildreness, swamps, islands, and lakes, with an abundance of osprey, deer, loons, moose, turtles, geese, fish, eagles, swans, and more.

We will then continue on to Seney, the setting for Hemingway's story "The Big Two-Hearted River". At Seney visitors will have ample time to see the place where the young Ernest disembarked, and can walk the same rail bridge over the Fox River. Hemingway fished the Fox and described it eloquently as “The Big Two-Hearted River.” There we will visit the Seney Museum, stroll the shores of the Fox River, and have a typical “Yooper” lunch of hot Cornish pasties.

From Seney we will travel to Newberry, stopping at the railroad station, and then through the wilderness river country to the beautiful Upper Tahquamenon Falls, the second largest waterfall in the eastern United States. The Tahquamenon river was made famous in the Longfellow poem "Hiawatha". During one of his Michigan summers Ernest attended a Hiawatha play performed by the Odawa at Round Lake in Petoskey. Don't forget your camera - the waterfall is scenic and easily accessible.

The tour will leave Petosky-Bay View on Saturday morning after breakfast and will return in time for a late dinner.  The cost is only $60 per person, including lunch.  Because space is limited, participants are urged to sign up as soon as possible.  This trip is open to conference attendees, Michigan Hemingway Society members and anyone else who is interested. To register online please choose your Pasties Type and then click the Buy Now button below for a secure online payment via PayPal or credit card. You will be given an opportunity to review your payment before it is submitted.

Pasties Type

If you do not wish to register online you may complete an offline registration form and mail it with payment in US dollars by check, traveler’s check or money order (sorry, no credit cards or foreign currency) to Marian Sanford, 6294 Lake Grove Rd., Petoskey, Michigan 49770 USA